Online Casino Slots Tournaments for Players

Tired of playing the same slots over and over again, without much changing except for the occasional new game being introduced by the Australian online casino? One of the solutions available to slots players that get bored- besides moving to another casino, of course, is to become involved in slots tournaments. This is the perfect way to change your online dynamic, have more fun, and to introduce the spirit of competition.

Slots tournaments are organized by casinos in an effort to make gaming more interesting for the players. You will find two types of tournaments some that require a fee and have a bigger prize, and some that are free to enter, but have smaller prizes as a result.

What Slots Tournaments are

Slots tournaments are competitions where players go against each other, trying to get the biggest profits in a certain period of time. It can take half an hour, or it could take days before the tournament ends. The participants each get a certain amount of credits to use and the winner is usually the player with the biggest amount at the end of the tournament. The tournament has fixed prizes for each position that a player can occupy, so you get that prize at the end, not the amount you’ve won while playing the tournament. The tournaments can include multiple slot machines with each one played for a fixed period of time, or it can focus on a single machine. The prizes are bigger for the tournaments with greater fees, so if you’re looking for a big profit, you need to pay out to get in.

Even if you’re not a winner you might still get your entrance fee back if you’re in a good position, or you can get some free spins at the slots, or another consolation prize. If you’ve been playing the slots for a long time and you’re ready for something new to entertain you, using the casino’s slots tournaments for that purpose is a good idea.

#FlagCasinoReviewSign Up BonusMobile/Mac/PCSoftwareVisit Casino
1.SlotocashReviewTriple your money PlatformSlotocash
2.Slots HeavenReview200% up to AU$400 PlatformSlots Heaven
Slots Heaven
3.MrGreenReview100% up to AU$150 + 10 free spins PlatformMrGreen
4.Casino FloorReview100% bonus up to AU$250 PlatformCasino Floor
Casino Floor
5.Casino MidasReview100% up to AU$1500 PlatformCasino Midas
Casino Midas

Free to Play

Slots tournaments that don’t cost you anything to enter are great if you’re just looking to have some fun, though you do have a chance to win a small amount of money as well, especially if you’re in the top 10 at the end. Casinos use them to promote their slot machines and it’s also a good way to get players to come to the casino where hopefully they will play some other online casino games as well. These tournaments cost you nothing but time can be a good way to figure out what the slots tournaments are about, and whether you want to invest in one that has an entrance fee, and bigger prizes.

With Entrance Fees

The slots tournaments which you pay to enter generally don’t require a big contribution from the player, and signing-up with them can be a great way to spend some time and hopefully make more money than you put in it. With just a few dollars spent, the player gets a chance to win a lot more, so it can be a good idea to try entering one yourself.