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Jurassic Jackpot

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In a Land before Time…

Microgaming has created another winner with Jurassic Jackpot online video slots game. A simple 3 reel, single pay line slots game that solidly reflects a simpler time millions of years ago….a time when  dinosaurs roamed the world, and when survival needs were clear and obvious, enabling full concentration without the many distractions of modern day life.

A Prehistoric Era brought to life

Jurassic Jackpot may be a simple, classic slots game, but the payout rate certainly isn’t. One of those underestimated games where winnings seem to accumulate like rain. The theme of this game is clear: dinosaurs! Tyrannosaurus Rex greets players on three levels; as a skull and main symbol of the game, as a silhouette with red eyes and the icon Jurassic Park look as the Wild symbol of the game, and, thirdly, as the enormous roar that greets every win! As with all Microgaming slots games, you can be sure of beautiful, rich graphics, wonderful sound and complete, intuitive functionality.

Simple but high paying

Just 3 reels, one pay line and one or two coins make this game tick. This is the ideal game to learn the basics of slots play, or a genuine comfort-slot for experienced players just wanting to win copious amounts of money. Jurassic Jackpot conveys its atmosphere and theme by having the five symbols in play being a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull, iconic bar symbols – black on gold – one bar, two bar and three bar symbols, and a beautiful crimson hibiscus flower. The T-Rex silhouette symbol is Wild. This fearsome looking wild symbol also acts as the game multiplier; one Wild symbol used to complete a winning combination doubles the payout, and should two Wild symbols be used, the payout is quadrupled!

A Twist that counts!

The variation in Jurassic Jackpot slot game is provided by allowing a significant selection of coin values, enabling the player to significantly increase the value of each spin, or stake. In addition the game offers the option of playing with one coin or two. The maximum jackpot is 1600 coins, but this is using a two coin stake. For a single coin game the maximum available to win is only 800 coins. Intuitively, it would therefore be advisable to play with two coins at each spin, but, one of the really attractive aspects to Jurassic Jackpot is the amount of winnings available for a really small, cheap, single coin wager.

Jurassic Jackpot, being a Microgaming game, has the option of a download version or a non download version for instant play. There is no download required in order to play and this provides a perfect opportunity to try out the game and acquire some practice before waging any money.

A feature of Microgaming slot games that is of particular interest to the advanced gamer, wishing to play high volumes, is the ability to select ‘expert’ game mode. ‘Expert’ mode offers advanced game features and enables players to select the ‘autoplay’ settings. Using ‘autoplay’, gamers have the ability to automatically play a set number of spins, or winnings, without having to interact with the software at all.