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Aint Nobody’s Fool- A Jesters jackpot review

If you are looking for an online slot game that is both simple to play and entertaining, then Microgaming Software’s Jester’s Jackpot is the one for you! If you are not already aware, a jester is a familiar figure in Medieval or Tudor times who was usually employed by a ruler or a noble to act as the entertainment – usually in a court atmosphere. They characteristically wore bright coloured clothing and eccentric headgear, often with a bell attached. Their form of entertainment was most often acting the merry fool but they also had real skills which they performed, often in a comedic style, such as acrobatics, juggling, magic and story- telling. These men (as was tradition in those times) were often extremely wise and worldly and regularly acted as an advisor to his royal employer.  It is this figure that is the central theme of this fun-filled game.

Jester’s Jackpot has only three reels and one pay-line making it very accessible and easy to play. It also supports a wide range of coin sizes. This combination of features means that it is ideal for players of all levels, especially those who are not old hands at spinning the slots and are not quite ready to bet a fortune.  As is typical to Microgaming’s world class software, the graphics, animations and sounds are of a high and pleasing quality, which adds to the excitement and overall entertainment of the game.

As is customary to any slot game, the aim is to match up symbols on the reels in order to win the cash prizes as shown on the pay-table. These symbols consist of the Jester’s hat, the Jester’s bar and other classic old slot game favourites such as the single bar and the succulent cherries.

Jester’s Jackpot Jackpot

There are no wild or scatter symbols in this game; however the Jester’s Hat holds the key to the jackpot which can win you a maximum pay-out of 2400 coins! Certainly nothing to be sneezed at! Where the cherries afford you a double pay-out, what you should hold out for is either the Jester’s Bar or the Jester’s Hat as these pay out the most. The hat, when collected on all three reels on your single pay-line will pay out 800, 1600 or as I mentioned the maximum jackpot of 2400. This, of course, all depends on how many coins you bet prior to spinning.

As is customary to many of Microgaming’s online slots, Jester’s Jackpot also offers the Stop Spin button which gives the player the ability of speeding up each round of the game in order to allow for more spins. This gives the player more control of the spinning reels and naturally ups the chance of winning.

With its simple and straightforward format, user-friendly features and reasonable betting range not to mention the magical jackpot of 2400 coins, this sterling, old school style, and favourite game is definitely worth a try. Get spinning with the Jester’s Jackpot and win today!