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Jackpot Express

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Board the train to fun and excitement

Jackpot express is an exciting addition to the ever growing library from Microgaming Software and technology online slots.  This Old fashioned style Las Vegas slot machine is surprisingly fun and exciting to play. With the gold laden steam train theme, one could think of swaggering cowboys strutting their stuff in the Wild Wild West. Let the Gold rush begin! Microgaming Software and technology is right on target with this title, it is easy to play and fun to keep coming back to.  Jackpot express is popular with professional players and beginners alike, due to the fact that it is such a pleasure to play, not to mention exceptionally aesthetically pleasing as well. As usual Microgaming does not disappoint.

The ambience of this slot game is both welcoming and entertaining, and with a top Jackpot of up to 5000 coins, you will be spending a lot of time riding this gravy train.  This 3 reel, 5 pay-line game is not inundated with symbols and features that could cause complications and distractions for the novice player, and if you are a seasoned veteran take comfort in that there are still plenty of ways to win.  These simply designed games mean that the pay-outs are frequent which ensures added exhilaration to any player.

The more coins you bet the more pay-lines you enable, which increases your chances to win as well as the amounts. In this game less is more. The fewer symbols that are used in the reels the more chances you have of hitting the winning combination and particularly the desirable Jackpot. Jackpot express is perfectly made for the player who enjoys a no frills game. The symbols are all the familiar, retro styled ones from glitzy Las Vegas casino fruit slot machines. There are the single bars, the double bars, triple bars, red sevens, and then there is the icon unique to this game which is the carriage full of gold. The Carriage full of gold is the wild symbol, meaning that it can substitute any of the other symbols, thus increasing your chances to win.

The train to riches will depart from your platform

You don’t require a ticket to board this train to riches; you can play this Jackpot express online slot game for free and travel first class all the way, from the comfort of your own home. Like most of the games from Microgaming you can either play it in your browser or download this game for free and learn how to play it as a guest player, meaning you won’t be playing for money, just for fun. This is a brilliant option if you have not played online slots before, so that you can get a feel for the system and the betting strategies. Once you have become accustomed to the game you can start playing for real money and start raking in the winnings. Jackpot express won’t have you going off the rails with frustration. Steam your way to jackpot valley and enjoy every minute of your journey.