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Gopher Gold – Win with the gophers

So what is a gopher you may ask? Similar to a mole, a gopher is a furry little animal that is known to be the royals of mining, always digging through the minds. In Gopher Gold they feature in all their cuteness and help players become instant winners. As the wild in this game, the gopher substitutes all the other symbols on the reels to create more winning combinations. If you’re lucky enough to get five of the Gopher Gold Logos on the reels you can win an amazing 12 000 coins. The high reels and five paylines are designed to look like an old goldmine, with shiny gold nuggets bursting out of the screen in all their goldness, gophers sporting mining helmets and other mining tool icons really embellishing this great theme seen in Gopher Gold.

Add to this, sound effects, fantastic animations and fun and funky graphics and you have a game that ranks top on the list of gaming experiences. The symbols making up winning combinations include the common Ace, Queen, Jack and King, as well as a pickaxe, dynamite and lamps and carts. Get three of these icons on any reel and you can win big. An in-depth paytable is available for easy reference. Players have a variety of bets to choice from, which makes this ideal for any gamer despite their financial situation. Although there are no free spins, bonuses or other fancy cash rewards available on Gopher Gold, there is an awesome jackpot up for grabs; although it is not a progressive one.

Many options to play

To play this game developed by Microgaming, a household name in the gaming industry, all you have to do is find one of the many reputable online casinos that offer this game – and there are many to boot. Players can choose between manual play and automatic play – so if you want less interaction with the game and focus more on winning, then this option is best. Many of these online casinos offer this game in demo mode or free money mode which means players do not have to dip into their pockets to play. Hours of fun can be had without the risk, or if you’re a beginner to the slots this game is the perfect vehicle to up yours skills and discover this new world of slotting fun. If you’re an expert in gambling why not try out Gopher Gold in expert mode. There is also a beginner mode as well.  This game comes straight to your fingertips, so players can experience all the benefits of gambling online.

The creators of the gopher

Microgaming has done wonders in bringing the gopher to life and it is through their innovative and technological gaming features within this game that brings countless gamers to this slot. With over 700 different games within its vast portfolio, Gopher Gold is just one of the games they are proud of. It’s classic and simplistic layout leaves players with the opportunity to focus more on the game play and betting strategies. Fun play and great winnings are to be expected with this slot.