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Gladiators Gold – Classic does not mean boring

When gamers are faced with the option of a highly complex game and a simple three reel slot game, they generally opt for the more complex option with the hope that the more complex option will yield more fortune and more fun is to be had. However, this is not the case as proven by the highly rewarding, simple and fun Gladiators Gold slot game.

Developed by Microgaming, this classic slot game is simple but it is most certainly not boring. Yes, it is more appropriate for those starting out in slots, as a tool to learn slot gaming, but it is inviting to expert gamblers as well with its winning potential drawing all types of gamers in. As a follow up from the exciting game of Roman Riches, this slot game is decorated and themed according to gladiators and the ancient Roman times.  The white reels are adorned with bars and the sought-after red, gold and white sevens. With only three buttons on the screen, the game has simple game play and allows players to concentrate more on their betting strategies and actual gaming experience then spending time with trying to figure out how the game works.

It’s all about the sevens

The three reel slot game is played over three win lines, giving gamers more chances to win. In Gladiators Gold, gamers must watch out for the red seven with the bright gold coin nestled within it – hence the game’s name. The payout of the red seven depends on which of the three lines it lands on – with the lower, bottom line bringing the most money. The top line is second best with the centre line being the standard payout. Although this game features no free spins, bonus rounds or cash prizes, winning starts with only three bars so gamers are sure to win something with every spin they make. The paytable in Gladiators Gold is clearly displayed on the screen on the right hand side, with the reels to the left, so a quick review of it will put gamers in good stead.

No time to waste

With all this awesomeness on offer, gamers need not waste any time in getting their hands on this fine game. Some online casinos offer gamers the opportunity to play this game without a deposit required or registrations needing to be done first. Others offer it in free money mode, so gamers can try it out, learn how the slots work and just enjoy hours of simple pleasure. Or for those wanting to win, play on the real money mode option and start winning instantly. There are many online casinos that offer Gladiators Gold, just find the best one for you online. Once they’ve set up everything, gamers can begin playing and enjoying all the benefits of playing online, at their own time and convenience.

The true warriors

The true warriors here are not the gladiators in the game, but the developers behind it. Players can win big thanks to this reputable and innovative group who bring Gladiators Gold in all its fighting glory to their finger tips.