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Blackjack Bonanza-the perfect slots hybrid!

With an awesome name like Blackjack Bonanza how can gamers not be enticed to try this exciting game out! For those who prefer non-progressive slots, the more basic three reel ones that only have one line; this game is perfect for you. It is great for those players who are new to the gaming world and want to learn more about slots and practise their skills.  It’s also the perfect game for people who like both slots and are huge fans of Blackjack.

Blackjack Bonanza comes with all the bells and whistles associated with Microgaming, the well-known and reputable software developer and creator of this game. With a wide betting range and great jackpots to win, it can be used by anyone no matter their financial status. The game is also adapted, designed and rendered for perfect game play on either PC or mobile devices. It is suitable for use on Blackberry, Androids, Smartphones and other well-known brands. And when playing on the go, gamers can experience all the benefits of mobile gaming, anytime, anywhere and at their own convenience and pace.

Symbols, symbols, symbols everywhere

Every slot has unique symbols on its reels and Blackjack Bonanza is no different. The games’ symbols are adapted from the game of Blackjack, so players will view symbols likes Jack, Seven and Bars. The blackjack symbol is especially important as it is the Wild and Scatter symbol – and everyone wants to see this symbol as it is the key thing to winning the biggest money prize! Once you press the spin button, watch the reels turn at a fast pace and watch them slowly click into place revealing the blackjack, you have then hit a winning combo. All the symbols and graphics on Blackjack Bonanza are of top quality and boast bright graphics, creative visual effects and sounds, superior game play and other spectacular gaming features one would come to expect with slots found at a land-based casino.

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To join this crazy world of slots and blackjack, all you have to do is go online and visit any one of the many online casino sites that offer this superior slot game. You can read up on reviews and get professional tips and suggestions from the experts in the field, or hear from other players about their experiences on this particular game.  It is also important to read up on the terms and conditions, and rules that apply to Blackjack Bonanza.

Tips and suggestions

In any game you always need that boost to win bigger, more often. And this game is no different, with many online reviews giving tips and suggestions and boosting players’ chances of winning. Players can up their game by waging a maximum of three coins per spin, as this guarantees a triple payout unlike when betting with only one coin. The jack pays out each time it appears, so make sure you “speak” to the machine and ask it to bring this symbol. Look out for one; two or three bar icons because when you have three of any kind you win. Reviewing the paytable also helps you to access what symbols you want to see on the reels, which ones to look out for!