Samsung VR Gear Online Roulette

Is there any other casino game as immersive as roulette? Placing your chips on a baccarat table, or picking up cards from a poker dealer, definitely may have the excitement that goes along with casting your lots in with the whims of chance, but no other game can match the suspense of watching the spinning wheel, and the intense focus of every person at the table, as they will the wheel to send winnings their way. While online casinos can guarantee with some assurance that the random nature of the game remains, whether the ball be made of ivory or a string of binary code, this suspense and focus can really only be approached, rather than replicated in an electronic environment, however good recent offerings have become.

Enter The Next Level of Technology

Since the invention of the television screen and computer monitor, we have sought to make our entertainment experiences as realistic as possible: 3D movies, intelligent surround sound systems, even cinemas that waft in the fragrances of whatever is happening on screen; all of these are attempts to change the way that we view our entertainment. But how to make the viewer an actual part of this?

Virtual Reality products take the next step towards wearable technology: what headphones did to the audio realm, headsets, like Samsung’s new VR Gear, aim to do to our visual senses, using our own sight as a feedback mechanism. The powerful processors in the headset stitch together multiple traditional screen inputs, so that the environment appears wherever the wearer may turn, while completely isolating the VR input from outside influences. In effect, it not only shows an image, but it allows one to interact with what it shows, in a way impossible to replicate on a traditional flat screen.

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Virtual Roulette

Microgaming, the industry leader in online casino play, recently won awards with its launch of the first Virtual Reality Roulette game: set in a futuristic space environment, this game departs from the traditional viewpoint of the online roulette table, since the wearable technology allows the player to move around, examine the table from various angles, interact with the robot croupier (although this is likely to be supplanted by a more glamorous human, as the number of games grows), and, most importantly, watch the wheel while in spin with all the intensity of the traditional physical game.

The game’s bright colours and high contrast chips and table translate beautifully to the superb clarity and intensity of the Samsung headset, which integrates the power of the latest Galaxy smartphones with an Oculus-derived display. The headset is also comfortable and lightweight, an important consideration when immersed in a game for protracted periods, and can be combined with various audio outputs.

Roulette and VR Technology may be the combination that really puts the next generation of electronic entertainment on the map: while few people may really enjoy a fully immersive combat or sci-fi experience, casino gaming can now fully be brought to life, in the comfort of your own home.