Play Samsung VR Gear Online Poker

Samsung, world leaders in entertainment and communications technology, are also one of the big players in the Virtual Reality market that was launched with units like the Oculus Rift. Samsung’s VR Gear is a stylish and comfortable offering that uses cutting edge technology to interact with the wearer in never before experienced ways, and a already a range of ride simulators, puzzle games and First Person Shooter games have been launched on this platform. And before you ask, yes, I’m sure there are other niches of entertainment that will be quick to realise the potential of interactive virtual reality headsets, but that need not concern us here.

Virtual Poker

Online casinos nowadays can offer several varieties of poker, either as a virtual online experience, or as a live video feed, with real dealers in front of a camera: what these cannot offer, however, is the immersive experience of sitting at a poker table, with an opponent’s physical cues being translated into the virtual world.

Poker is in fact especially suited to current wearable technology, like Virtual Reality headsets: while the technology is still a little way away from an immersive FPS experience (and do you really want to experience actually being under actual fire anyway?), the controls needed to manipulate cards and riffle chips around a baize table are already to hand, as it were. Being able to peek at cards while simultaneously scanning opponents, or sweep the room for information, such as leader boards or stakes, will signal a huge advance over current online experiences, while speakers and microphones will continue to enable live communication with one another.

What the VR Gear and its kind offers is simply a break from “virtual poker” where pre-programmed betting and card calling permutations can become predictable, and profit margins are kept low by this inability properly to interact with opponents.

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Samsung: Raising the Stakes

With the new release of its VR Gear headset, Samsung has really helped to move the idea of Virtual Reality from the niche to the mainstream: rather than small start-ups and tech entrepreneurs, and of course the various military tech agencies working on a similar idea, Virtual Reality has become the next frontier for communication and entertainment, with other big names such as HTC and Oculus, now with a fresh injection of Facebook-funded capital, working on similar designs, as well as the motion capture platforms used on gaming consoles.

Samsung has launched a number of games specifically for its headset, showing that it is ready to provide the same shot in the arm to this particular market that the Galaxy family did to that of the smart phone. The VR Gear headset offers one of the most comfortable and practical of its kind, and promises to open new doors of virtual experience to the online poker player: rather than being a distinct version of poker game, similar to that of a physical casino, but different in marked ways, VR technology will blur the boundaries between live action and online action, and allow for a true casino experience in the comfort of your own environment.