Samsung VR Gear Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a deceptively simple game: simply collect a hand of cards that adds up to 21, or as close as possible without going over that total, and win. There are variables as to face cards, dealer bets, the number of decks in play, or the possibility of side bets on combinations, but the basics of the game, combined with the excitement of chance, are one of the reasons that it is such a popular casino staple.

This simplicity has also meant that the game translates particularly well to the online arena: a virtual casino can replicate the dynamics of game play with relative ease, and the tension of playing for high stakes still carries through, whether you are physically holding those fateful squares of waxed cardboard, or not.

Recent years have seen the introduction of live action blackjack online, where cameras allow players to interact with real dealers, usually chosen as much for their camera presence as their card skills: this gives punters a far more realistic experience, with the sensation of playing against a real person being a far more valuable one than even the most smooth and powerful of gaming software can offer. So, what is the next step for Blackjack aficionados?

Enter the Giants

Until fairly recently, Virtual Reality technology belonged in science fiction, or was being investigated for the powerful opportunities it gave for military applications: while the technology was becoming more compact and comfortable, not to mention more rugged than early examples, it still remained outside of the budget of the average consumer.

The entry, however, of industry leaders like Samsung, whose VR Gear headsets were recently debuted at an entirely virtual product launch, has led to the rapid advancement of the technology, towards lightweight units that can be worn for protracted periods, and utilise the feedback from the wearer’s eyes and heads to truly put him or her into the gaming environment.

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In effect, VR does not use our existing senses to interact with traditional gaming inputs; rather it speaks directly to these senses. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s acquisition of the Oculus Corporation is likely to advance the games that his network offers, like Bingo and Farmville, while Google has attempted to bring out the technology with as low a price tag as possible, via their Cardboard platform. The VR Gear builds on Samsung’s record of advanced features and ease of use, and represents a truly massive foray into this market.

Enjoy Blackjack on Samsung VR Gear

With casino developers hoping to introduce entire VR casino experiences in the coming years, including virtual patrons, bar staff and dealers, the possibility that your next game of Blackjack will be a fully immersive experience is becoming an ever more likely one (although you will still need to pour your own drinks).

Combining the potential of this new technology, the proven entertainment value of the Blackjack table, and the power of innovation that Samsung provides is sure to mean a winning hand for enthusiastic players everywhere.