How did Craps Start?

The origin of the game may date back as early as the Crusades but the current version of craps originated in New Orleans. The game has undergone many changes since then but the level of excitement has remained the same and with the invention of mobile Craps, the game is more exciting than ever. The game of Craps as we know it today can be traced directly to street Craps. Street Craps was played simply by throwing a pair of dice, using a wall as a back-stop or not using a back-stop at all. This form of craps is also known as “shooting dice”. During World War 2 soldiers played Craps by rolling dice onto their army blankets. In today’s Craps there is still a throw of the dice called an “army blanket roll”.

Craps at a Casino

When playing Craps at a casino, players stand around a large, deep, oval table and throw dice onto a felt table cloth called a “layout”. Printed on this layout are the various betting possibilities. Players stack their chips around the sides of the Craps table. However, with mobile Craps you never have to stand to play Craps again. Each casino’s bets and payouts may differ slightly. In Craps players throw 2 dice and place bets by putting chips on the marked sections of the “layout”. The person throwing the dice is called the shooter. Players other than the shooter may also bet on the shooters throw.

Learning the Rules

Craps is a complex and exciting game. If you are new to Craps, it’s really not a problem. Most mobile casinos will help and guide you, offering free Craps training and all the information you need. So get going and download mobile Craps now. Remember, if you are new to the game you can play for free without spending any money. Most casinos offer a no deposit bonus; this is a sum of money given to you by the mobile casino. You can use this money to play for free and sometimes even win. When your money is finished, you can either stop or make a deposit into the casino’s bank and carry on playing. So if you think you need a bit of practice before you become a high roller you can play mobile Craps for free until you feel confident enough.


What do I Need?

You can play on any smart phone. Mobile casinos have developed Craps games for all platforms including Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS. So if you have a mobile phone, you can download and play right now. With astounding 3D graphics and brilliant colours you will be instantly absorbed into the mobile casino environment. Craps is one of the most social games in a casino and mobile Craps is no different. Some mobile casinos allow players to chat to one another and even share virtual drinks.

Play Mobile Craps

Now you no longer have to wait in lines at a casino, stand for hours on end or cash in chips. You can sit comfortably wherever you are and enjoy realistic graphics and game-play. Roll the dice and start winning now by playing mobile Craps.