Enjoy Microgaming Match Casino Bonuses

Popular and established online casino software provider, Microgaming, offers its players a wide range of top-quality games and suites, with impressive graphics and sounds, free play periods and no deposit required play. However, the benefits of Microgaming do not stop there, and their most popular benefit, Microgaming match bonuses are simply too good an offer to pass up for online casino gamers and enthusiasts. These bonuses offer a win-win scenario for players and the casino.

For the casino, the match bonuses encourage players to put down a bonus, which helps the casino, and for the player, their deposit is matched or in some cases exponentially increased, which gives them more value for money, and a better opportunity to play and increase their winnings. Most online casinos only offer to match your first deposit, but Microgaming match bonuses in most cases extend to your subsequent deposits, extending the benefits past just an initial bonus.

Big Match Bonus is Possible

Depending on which Microgaming game or casino suite you choose to play, your bonus can be matched more than one hundred per cent. Microgaming’s popular Luxury Casino, for instance, offers a 100 percent bonus for your first deposit, 50 percent for your second, 25 percent for your third, 50 percent for your fourth, and 100 percent for your fifth. This encourages you to keep playing for these impressive benefits. Grand Hotel, also by Microgaming, offers Microgaming match bonuses for your first five deposits, and also runs weekly promotions that could see you winning incredible further bonuses.

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1.Roxy PalaceReview100% up to $1250 PlatformRoxy PalaceRoxy Palace

Other Bonuses

One of Microgaming’s most popular benefits, aside from large Microgaming match bonuses, is undoubtedly their free play periods. Players can enter a Microgaming casino, and with no compulsory initial bonus, receive 60 minutes of free play. This is great for players who are inexperienced or skeptical of spending money on a casino experience before being able to evaluate its quality or suitability to their needs. Of course, as the games are of such renowned quality, and offer so many large wins and benefits, players are often impressed and choose to continue on with the game. While deposits are often not compulsory, players are incentivized to make deposits by the great Microgaming match bonuses, which double their money and vastly improve their chances of winning, by allowing more scope for play than their deposit alone would have provided.

Pokies, Table Games and Card Games

Microgaming’s extensive collection of online casino offerings caters to players of all tastes. Whether you enjoy pokies, table games or more traditional card games, video poker or Roulette, there is a Microgaming casino for you. Microgaming match bonuses and other benefits are offered across these game genres in the majority of their casino offerings. Do some research and see which game offers you the best bonus or incentive, and make your selection based off of this factor if you are looking to get the most play out of your bonus. In conjunction with no deposit bonuses, quality games and world-class safety and service features, there is no reason not to choose Microgaming!