Play iPad Baccarat Online

The super-portable iPad – equipped with Retina Display, and peak speed and graphic performance –opens the door to robust and powerful baccarat gaming. Played on-the-go, the iPad casino apps are great at simulating a land-based casino’s game, and with lightning-quick pace of draw, offer realistic and responsive betting all round.

Squeeze play as a feature is a huge iPad baccarat drawcard, as the art of gradually revealing a card ups the ante for players who enjoy the excitement and anticipation this spec provides. Yet another great iPad baccarat plus is the pattern-reveal of Banker and Player’s wins and losses better known as Choppy and Streaky. (Choppy is characterised by alternating wins between Player and Banker; Streaky by a long- run win for either Player or Banker.) Some apps even allow players to configure their own patterns of wins or losses, or to use default ones.

But the greatest advantage of iPad baccarat is that players don’t have to remember difficult game rules nor have expert casino gambling skills, nor do they need to work out difficult strategies in order to play well. Most appealing is the low House advantage.

How to Play Baccarat

While iPad baccarat might appear to be intimidating at first, it’s really one of the easiest games to master.  Here’s how it works:

In iPad baccarat each player only has one aim, to make sure their hand achieves a total of 9 points.

After the end of each round, the value of your hand is revealed.

The banker deals three hands of two cards each, face down. In addition to his own hand, these hands are for two players, one to the right and one to the left of him.

Other players at the table may bet on either hand, or both, to beat the banker’s hand.

Additional people are welcome to place bets on each respective hand or even on both hands. Their aim is to outplay the banker’s hand.

The Rules

As a rule, only three cards are allowed per hand, and each card is allotted a value. An Ace serves as one point; face cards and tens are zero. Should your cards reveal a double figure then the value of the first numeral is dismissed. So, for example, a hand of 18 equals eight.

An ideal hand comprises two cards with a total of nine points. A close second: two cards with a point-value of eight. These two hands are known as “natural” hands.

If any player has a natural hand, other players may not draw a third card. The player with a hand as close to nine points as possible wins. A natural nine always beats a natural eight.

In the event that a player’s hand equals six or seven he will need to stand, and if his hand equals four or less he must draw a card face up to determine a winner.

When there isn’t a player with a natural hand, no one wins.

If at any time in the game, a player bets the sum value of the funds belonging to the bank, he will declare ‘banco’. In this instance, all other bets will be withdrawn.

In the event of a tie, the round folds.

Players can now enjoy all the excitement and entertainment of iPad baccarat in any environment they desire and play for win big anywhere, anytime!