Android Watch Slots Australia

Australian players can now start enjoying great Android watch slots! Players can set the reels spinning and may even hit the jackpot no matter where they happen to be at any time of day or night! More and more players are turning from the more traditional casino games like blackjack; poker and roulette, and bringing Las Vegas fun right to their doorstep with slots games playable by means of these great wearable gadgets!

You can even up your fitness levels with some of the Android watch slot games, since the developers have decided to award players with chips in exchange for walking: a step counter makes it worth your while to stay in shape, as it gives you money to gamble!

Features for Android Watch Slots

These Android watch slots games are slowly being rolled out for players to start enjoying, and the experts at make sure you stay in the loop as to what is available and when. Some of the current crop of games encourage players to keep healthy by releasing what is being called a “fitness slot machine” in which players are able to earn extra coins with which to play by simply walking!

Players are able to gamble; vary their bets; select the number of paylines for the Android watch slots they will be enjoying; make use of an auto-spin feature for even easier play that is totally hands-free and discover and use incredible bonuses to boot!

Incredible Convenience is Yours

The Android watch slots app allows players to enjoy slots machines game with absolutely no interruption to their daily routines! The pedometer component which forms part of some of these allow players to ensure that they keep their hearts rate up in more ways than one by staying healthy in order to earn more coins with which to chase the jackpot!

The Android watch slots application is currently compatible with almost all the Android Wear devices, including watches from Samsung; Sony and Motorola, and developers are constantly looking for new ways to exploit the in-built functions of these devices to add more fun and flavour to everyday life! scours the internet to bring Australian players the very best of what is currently available, and allows you to stay up to date with future developments in terms of gambling by means of the World Wide Web as well. We make sure that only the very best of what is available at Australian casinos, both in terms of Android watch slots and games developed for desktop or laptop computers; various smartphones and different tablets, and handpick the most generous bonuses from a selection of the most magnificent online casinos in Australia. You can be sure that the games you are enjoying are taking place within a licensed, registered environment, that all of your real money transactions are being kept totally safe and secure, and that no better deal is available anywhere when you limit your selection to what we have on offer! Take hold of the future of online gambling when you visit our website today!