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Gambling Available on Your Wrist

This new pastime may seem like a scene from a science-fiction film set in the distant future, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is a new concept, made public in the first part of 2014 at the yearly Mobile World Congress event, and, understandably is gaining popularity very quickly.

Top gaming software companies and betting operators have prioritised gambling and betting applications that make Android watch pokies a reality, and Australian players can take their mobile gambling to the next level!

Online casinos are wonderful resources for Australians who enjoy playing these types of games, and Australian players are rewarded with generous welcome bonuses; free money; promotions and loyalty points to boost their bankrolls. The experts operating this site have managed to find some of the best online casinos that make Android watch pokies available and signing up for a new account is very easily done. You could soon be enjoying spinning slots on the wrist of your arm!

Advantages of Android Watch Pokies

There are a number of benefits to playing Android watch pokies, the main one being the fact that it makes multitasking very easy to do. Since the watch is strapped onto your wrist, you won’t be able to drop, unlike a smartphone, which can easily slip while you are trying to line up symbols whilst cooking your dinner or making a cup of coffee!

Android watch pokies are also totally unobtrusive, and you won’t be angering the people you are spending time with by keeping your nose buried in your smartphone, tablet or laptop! You don’t have to prop your device up and keep one eye on the screen in order to enjoy these games, and can keep doing what you are doing without hindrance, only having to place a bet when you are prompted to by a sound alert from your smartwatch!

You can very easily play on the go, as Android watch pokies take this type of convenience to the next level. You can do absolutely anything, and still be enjoying the game as you go!

The interface for these games is very intuitive and simple, and, in recognition of the smaller size of the smartwatch screen only the most vital elements of the game are displayed. This means that you do not need to contend with distractions by advertisements or banners that draw your concentration from the game. Check now to start exploring this great new way to play!