Android Watch Casino Games

There are now Android watch casino games for Australian players to enjoy, with a host of gadgets supported, included the G watch from LG; Samsung’s Gear Live; Moto 360; the Sony Smartwatch 3 and many more. allows you to stay on top of what is going on in the world of technology as it relates to internet gambling, and you will never miss out on a great new way to have fun and win money again!

Next Wave of Gambling

Players who have been thus far relying on their desktop computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets in order to play casino games can happily wave goodbye to even the slightest encumbrance regarding accessing great entertainment, thanks to the fact that Android watch casino games are slowly becoming a reality.

All players need to do these days is slightly tilt their arms, have a look at the device strapped to their wrist and get to grips with some of the great prizes offered by Android watch casino games!

Android Watch Gambling for Australians

As soon as the current wave of smartwatches began to be released, many savvy gamblers knew it would only be a matter of waiting out the period it would take game developers to find a way to allow us to have some fun with casino games by means of them, and it appears that Microgaming has surged ahead for the moment, thanks to them launching Thunderstruck as the first of the Android watch casino games.

Thunderstruck is the very first Smartwatch game that is playable by means of compatible Android Wear and this is done as a companion game with your mobile device by means of the Android AIR installation.

A companion game is one that is playable by means of a device, in this case a smartwatch, which has been paired with a smartphone or tablet acting as host. This clever premise allows Australian players to simply log in to their mobile casino accounts, load the game up on their devices, pair it with their Smartwatch and then pack the phone away, since the game can then be fully controlled by the device on their wrists!

Android watch casino games operate by means of a platform designed for smartwatches that has been designed to make use of Android Wear –the official Android operating system that Google has created for these devices. makes it the business of its experts to ensure that Australian players are able to find the best of what is out there in terms of online gambling, and this includes casinos; games; bonuses; promotions and deals for those who make use of desktop computers; their laptops; a wide variety of smartphones or many different tablets, as well, now, as smartwatches. Browse our site and be sure to bookmark it in order to stay on top of what is going on in the world of online gambling, and you can safely enjoy Android watch casino games as well as those designed for many other platforms whenever you wish to!